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JAN 03, 2022

What is this place?


Primarily this site is a playground. I'm going to use this to try stuff and break stuff, if this site doesn't look as you expect then that's because I've done the latter. I'm hoping this site will also serve for someone to read who I am and what I do, this site won't exactly be an autobiography but somewhere I can showcase some of my skills and somewhere I can write about what I've learnt and what I've built.

I spend enough time reading other people in the tech community's articles and then have ideas or stories myself that I think people may find interesting, so I've wanted to give myself this platform for when I do have these moments. Unfortunately, I suck at writing and struggle to keep the motivation to finish said articles (this site was built in summer '19 and hasn't been released till now because I didn't know what to write here), so I wouldn't get too excited about regular content being posted here.

Hopefully this can be the start of the motivation I need to release content; I'm hoping to write again soon about how this site was built and what technologies I plan to work with this year.

For now, as I mentioned, this site has been in the pipeline a long time so I've put this little piece together just so I can release this site as it's something I'm proud of and a definite improvement on my last one (shout out to real OGs who remember rocket man Dave).